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Education Seminars

The following educational seminars are available and eligible for continuing education credits:

LLC or S-Corp. Tax Considerations Comparisons between the two types, including formation, tax basis, distributions, self-employment tax and compensation issues. (2017, 2 hour Technical)

Using LLCs in Asset Protection & Estate Planning - Discussion adapted from an attorney's notes considering Family LImited Partnership differences to the Limited Liability Company, probate issues, types of assets held by each, member agreements, etc. (2017, 1 hour Technical)

FASB Outlook updates An overview from in 2017 (1 AA) 

Peer Review Requirements -  per AICPA and Florida standards 2017 (2 AA)

Not-for-Profit Financial Reporting Standard Phase 1 for fiscal years beginning after 12/15/2017. (1 AA) 

Key Compliance Points & Disclosure Considerations for Form 990 A discussion of Governance Body, Conflicts of Interest and Organizational documents (1TB)

Statement of Cash Flows - A workshop on the preparation of cash flows statement and various differences with international standards. (2 AA)

Ethics: Protecting the Integrity of the Florida CPAs - FICPA sponsored and approved for the 4 hour FL requirement & some other states, as well.

Ethics for the Fiduciary - adapted from the above for guardians and other professionals. (1 TB)

Streamlining Your Tax Practice - Designed for the Practice Management roundtable seminar, this session promotes discussion about the "trials and tribulations" of going paperless and e-filing. (2 TB)

The Trials & Tribulations of Paperless Auditing - How are you managing your audit confirmations, other documentation, programs and field work? We’ll also discuss various audit software being used for programs, test work, statements and research, along with integrating the FASB codification. (1-2 A&A credit)

IFRS for SMEs - What does that mean? International Financial Reporting Standard designed for use by Small and Medium-sized Entities. These will provide a platform for growing businesses that are preparing to enter public capital markets. (1-2 A&A credit)

SFAS 164: NFP Organization M&A Activities - Mergers & Acquisitions overview. (1 A&A)

Financial Statement Reform Effects of IASB, FASB and SFAS 164 - Learn about the background and timeline of this convergence project, along with current updates of the Blue Ribbon Panel. (1 A&A)

Bulletproofing Your Books - SOX and the Importance of Good Internal Controls for Small Businesses, by Intuit, the makers of QuickBooks. (A&A credit)

Nonprofit Accounting in QuickBooks - Learn how to use time tracking, classes, member and donor set-up, along with setup for services, dues & pledges. Common problems such as functional expenses, tracking volunteers and receiving cash donations are also addressed. (1 TB & 1 AA credit) 

QuickBooks at Year-End 2012  - reviewing and correcting common errors (Technical credit)

Visit for other QuickBooks training - call us for details.

Auditing Within & Around Your Computer - discussion of basic terminology of Business Information Systems, Internal Controls, Segregation of Duties, etc. (A&A credit)

 Guardianship Accounting & Annual Forms - Review various forms for initial inventory, annual accounting, fair market values, fees and more. (Technical credit)

Effect of General and Special Powers of Appointment In Estate Taxation Do you know which powers of appointment are includible in an estate? The estate tax effects depend first upon whether or not the donee had a general power of appointment. If the Power of Appointment is exercisable in favor of the decedent personally, his estate, his creditors, or the creditors of his estate, it is includible in his estate. (Technical credit)

Gender Diversity and "Barbie" in the Workforce - This is a global issue, as many other countries are facing these gender biases the US has been facing since the '50s! Slides and statistics from 2015, unpdated in 2017. The seminar also discusses the issues being faced as Milleniums come into the workforce. (2 hours Behavioral, interactive)

ABCs of Event Planning - Learn the keys to determining an event's purpose, how to plan the event from the planning committee to the date to the location! Includes program & budget templates. (1 Behavioral) 

Dress for Success: First Impressions & Dress Code Policies - Creating a professional, visual image is the key to your success! We'll discuss the clients' perception and suggestions how to create a model policy. (1-2 Behavioral credits)

Future Seminars and webcasts are also being produced.