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Published Articles

The articles and/or letters listed below were recently compiled by us and published in various issues of South Florida Hospital News and on If any of the items mentioned are of interest and/or benefit to you, we'll be happy to discuss them with you.

Tax Tips and Highlights 2018-2019

Tax Tips and Highlights 2017-2018

Tax Tips and Highlights 2016-2017

Tax Tips and Highlights 2015-2016

Tax Tips and Highlights 2014-2015

Tax Tips and Highlights 2013-2014

Tax Tips and Highlights 2012-2013

Tax Tips and Highlights 2011-2012

Are You Maximizing Your Medical Deductions - 2012 - NOTE: 2013 limitation up from 7.5% to 10% for those under age 65.

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Cafeteria Plans (125) - NOTE: $500 can now be rolled over to 2014 for 125 plan.

Tax Tips & Highlights 2010-2011

Cost Segregation Tax Savings & Cash Flow 2010 - applies to non-profits and government agencies, too!

IRA Rollover to Roth in 2010 a MUST for MOST!

Tax Tips & Highlights 2009-2010 

Tax Developments July 2009 

American Recovery Act 2009 and YOU

Business Incentives Recovery Act 2009

Considerations for Paperless Environments

Receipts for Charitable Deductions

Online Security - published in e-book on

How to Avoid Online Fraud - published in e-book on

Powers of Appointment in Estate Taxation

Dress for Success-First Impressions - presented as Techcast on

Dress for Success-Dress Codes - part II of Techcast on